I figured it out

I asked my boyfriend, “have you ever wanted to fuck a guy?” He said “no” as if it were the obvious answer. I thought that this was weird because I, a girl, have always wanted to try having sex with a girl. The mentality between women and the mentally between men are totally different. If I saw a girl with a perfect body, perfect make up, and just really pretty all around, I’d think, “she’s hot. I’d like to fuck her.” When a guy meets another guy who has a good personality, isn’t douchey, or likes the same video games, the guy would most likely think, “wow! I’d like to be his friend.” Now let’s switch gears. The way a girl looks at another girl is the same as how a guy looks at a girl. Naturally, the way a guy looks at another guy is the same as how a girl looks at a guy (this is more true during relationships). Guys are attached to the female body while girls are attached to the love and attention from their male partner. For example, I get the most affection from my boyfriend in bed. If we’re watching tv or walking in the mall, it’s hard to get him to show a little PDA. I end up acting out because I’m attached to his affection but I’m not getting it. Because there’s people around, he won’t show affection. I hate that because I’m too attached. I figured it out but I hate it.